Clip: The first 'scene' from These Are Not My Images



I have worked with Irit Batsry since 1988, when she invited me to make the soundtrack of her video movie Leaving the Old Ruin. We had become friends in Israel more than ten years previously, but had lost touch, and she 'refound' me through a Kahondo Style album. We went on to collaborate on a series of prize winning works: A Simple Case of Vision, Traces of a Presence to Come, Scale and These Are Not My Images, which won the Whitney Biennial Award in 2002. Here's something I said about the sound of this piece: "The soundtrack ranges from untreated to heavily processed sound. It discourses with the image in a variety of ways ranging from constructed soundscapes which almost seem to be 'sync' sound, to points when the sound is counterpointed to or displaced from the image. It aims by these means to draw the audience to finding their own place in relation to the work and the material it is made with."
The clip and the image below both come from this piece, the clip is from near the beginning.

You can find out more about Irit's work on her website: